Robotized flexible solutions

Advanced solutions to increase agility and productivity

What are robotized flexible systems
Robotized flexible systems consist in the development and integration of robotic applications that allow you to manage a high number of operating conditions by minimizing or canceling set-up times. The development of flexible solutions reduces the size of production batches and increases productivity agility without sacrificing high performance typical of robotic systems. We create custom technical solutions with high technological content by integrating industrial manipulators, artificial vision, collaborative algorithms and innovative sequencing. By exploiting the potential of our framework ProNet-IoT, we create user interfaces for controlling and managing robotized lines through web apps and developing automated data exchange applications between robotic lines and management software.


We develop fast calibration and scheduling algorithms to create flexible and reconfigurable work cycles. We create exchange of data with management and production software.


Thanks to robotized flexible systems, it is possible to increase production agility by reducing the set-up time and the size of the production batches without sacrificing the high performance typical of traditional robotic systems.


Through the use of 2D and 3D vision systems, it is possible to increase the quality of production processes and to create automatic measurement and control tasks.
Robotized flexible solutions
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