Manage your processes wherever you are

What is ProWeb
ProWeb is the first customizable interface for monitoring and controlling industrial devices.
ProWeb is one of the key modules in our framework ProNet-IoT and consists of a web-based application that allows users to monitor and control in real time all the objects connected to the network.
It allows remote access to users of various levels (administrator, operator, maintainer) through fixed locations or portable devices (tablets, smartphones, smartwatches). Thanks to its reconfigurable structure, we can create custom control dashboards by combining graphics, tables, indicators, buttons and controls.


We make custom control dashboards tailored to your needs by creating customized graphics, tables, indicators, and controls. The integration with ProNet-IoT allows to connect potentially any device.


We can create charts and summaries that allow us to analyze all production parameters in a simple and effective way with the aim of reducing waste and increasing productivity.

Cost savings

Through constant production monitoring, machine failures can be avoided and predictive maintenance procedures can be established. Thanks to remote control, it is possible to reduce the set up time and energy consumption.
ProWeb for machining and tool centers
ProWeb for agrifood or smart plants