ProNet-IoT - Industry version

The flexible solution to connect the world of objects to the digital world

What is ProNet-IoT
ProNet-IoT is an innovative integration framework consisting of a hardware communication interface and dedicated control software. The innovative integration approach considers any device (machines, robots, sensors, PLCs, wearable devices) an object with which to communicate within a network. Thanks to our modular interface, we can communicate easily and effectively with the most widely used fieldbuses, creating the bases for connecting the Internet of Things to the digital world. Through a multi-level control software we can monitor and manage real-time data flow, develop advanced control algorithms, create data exchange with management software (ERP & MES), and implement control interfaces for PC, Tablet, Smartphone and wearable devices.
The advantages of ProNet-IoT


Potential integration with any device and applet (machines, robots, sensors, wearables devices, etc)


Increased productivity through the creation of workflow, automatic set-ups, and collaboration between devices.


Improved quality through continuous monitoring and big data management.

Tax benefits

ProNet-IoT benefits of the tex advantages related to the National Plan Industry 4.0.