The interface for the Internet of Things

What is ProSense
ProSense is one of the core modules of our framework ProNet-IoT and is the flexible and reconfigurable solution for connecting digital and analog devices in a simple and effective way.
ProSense is an electronic board based on ultimate generation microcontrollers and in the standard version it can handle 16 analog signals, 80 digital signals, 4 encoders, 6 serial and a Wi-Fi receiver / transmitter. It supports the most common fieldbus and communication protocols, and by connecting multiple ProSense cards, you can create distributed network devices.
ProSense also has advanced sampling and filtering algorithms that ensure high reliability and performance.

The advantages of ProSense


ProSense has been designed and built to ensure maximum flexibility. We offer customized solutions based on real customer needs, ensuring high performance and low cost.


Thanks to the possibility of connecting multiple ProSense devices, we can create extensible network of devices and thus create interconnected and intelligent factories.


With last-generation reprogrammable microcontrollers with advanced control algorithms, ProSense's performance is superior to traditional PLCs.
Some key features
IoT module for geolocalization of automotive and distributive systems. The module has a microntroller (SoC) and a single board computer (SoM). It consits of accelerometers, magnetometers, RFID, lights and cameras. Data communication with a cloud server through GSM, ethernet, WiFi, modbus and bluetooth.