Computer Vision

Advanced algorithms and GUI for 2D and 3D artificial vision

We create customized 2D and 3Dvision systems based on customer specifications through accurate engineering analysis of the problem. We integrate vision systems into our ProNet-IoT framework with the goal of developing intelligent collaborative systems.


Repeatibility, robustness and accuracy are the main features that allow an artificial vision system to overcome the visual abilities of a human operator.


Through artificial vision it is possible to create automatic collaborative tasks with high efficiency and productivity.


Through artificial vision it is possible to rethink production processes and avoid intermediate buffers previously dedicated to quality controls.
Some examples

Defect recognition

We develop automatic systems to recognize defects and for tolerance controls.

Bar code reading

We develop barcode reading systems and integrate them into the production process in order to create automatic data exchanges with management software (e.g., ERP, MES, etc.).

Robot guidance

We develop advanced robotics solutions using artificial vision systems to guide the position and orientation of the robots.

Machine learning

We develop machine learning algorithms for automatic learning and to increase production flexibility.

Bin picking

We develop 3D vision systems for the recognition of three-dimensional pieces and automatic bin picking with robots.

Contactless measures

We develop two-dimensional and three-dimensional non-contact measurement systems. We develop pattern matching algorithms for automatic recognition of pieces.